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"You do of course realise," said Olsen as he tossed the disrupter between his hands, "that I am entirely - and I mean entirely - without scruples." The tall dark man, dressed sophisticatedly in a velvet suit with matching tie, grinned again and spun his weapon in his palm. "So I suggest that within the next 10 seconds you render unto me all your valuable possessions - time pieces, clothes, jewellery, latinum, account details - anything you might think would be useful to me." His grin dropped from his face rapidly, as he raised his eyebrows in mock remorse. "But if youíre found wanting," he sighed and shook his head, "Iíll just have to kill you. All." His wide toothy grin fanned out across his face. "Of course," he said, "Iím sure you wonít disappoint me."

Welcome to Eclipse, the dark underbelly of the galaxy, a world without morals or law, where the only rules are those that you make and the only aim is profit.

Eclipse is a creative writing group, where the contributers have their own characters and alternately write chapters of an intricately connected storyline. This group is a subset of the World Weavers Star Trek universe, as found in alt.shared-reality.sf-and-fantasy. For more information on this form of writing (or interactive fiction, as it is called), the World Weavers and/or the various different "universes" in which you can write feel free to peruse the newsgroup, or visit Jason Wellman's World Weavers WWW Homepage. For more information about Eclipse... read on.

Although Eclipse is based within the Star Trek universe, it is hugely different in character and style from that which you might have experienced on television or in Eclipse's sister writing groups. There are still the same laws of physics (or lack of laws...) and the same diverse set of races appear and interact in the same way. The focus here, however, is not on Starfleet, nor necessarily on humans, but on the more sinister dealings that occur, not in the name of any great ideal or for the benefit of any race, but for individual profit. It is a world populated by mercenaries, merchants, assassins, criminals, bounty hunters, smugglers and crime bosses, all of whom are prepared to risk everything to achieve infamy and fortune, and none of whom care on who they tread to get there.

There are just three vessels operating within the Eclipse group, about and on which the stories take place: The Midnight Sun, the Emerald Dragon and the Gryphon (in chronological order). They are all partially crewed but there are still many positions available, especially on the Gryphon, so there should be something that suits your purposes.

For more detailed information on Eclipse as a universe, and how most Eclipse vessels are run, see the Eclipse manual.

Also, the Eclipse FAQ should be helpful in answering any general questions about Eclipse and how to get started. If you have any further questions, contact the group's delightful administrator, Sueanne "Sam" Phillips at, or myself (a lowly writer) at


- Martin Davies